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Experience the generation of IPTV with a 24 hour trial before committing to an IPTV subscription. Discover a range of packages and channels, from around the world along with a playlist featuring over 20,000 international channels and on demand videos available in stunning 4K FHD, HD, SD and H.265 formats. Enjoy compatibility across devices such as Samsung & LG Smart TVs (SMART IPTV, SSiptv) Sony Android Smart TVs, Apple TV, MAG boxes, PC/MAC, smartphones and Android TV Box. Rest assured that our servers are stable and highly reliable with uninterrupted service thanks to load balancing techniques. Lastly benefit from pricing options, alongside the clock availability and comprehensive customer support.


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The update is automatically performed to enhance the quality of service and expand the variety of channels, video, on demand content and series. You'll discover channels on your device effortlessly without needing to take any action.


At ROYALE IPTV uk our team is committed to providing round the clock technical support. We are here to assist you and offer guidance throughout the process of activating your IPTV service. Moreover we are readily available to address any inquiries or concerns you may have through chat on our email or WhatsApp.

Internet Connection

La vitesse varie en fonction de la qualité de la vidéo. Pour une qualité HD, il est recommandé d'avoir un débit minimum de 6 Mbps.

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